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About Us

Our Story

Urban Angeethi is a culinary experience of comfortable elegance named after the traditional brazier that is used for cooking in India. It is a name that takes us back to our roots and reflects the beauty in traditions that we hold so dear.

Our menu is an artistic assortment of carefully crafted traditional Indian dishes that our distinguished chefs have added a dash of contemporary charm to. We have an exceptional selection of wine and fun cocktails made precisely to your liking that pairs beautifully with flavourful dishes.

We prepare all our foods in traditional Indian style, with the finest and freshest ingredients to give them the classical touch and the most flavor.

Our elegant yet relaxed decor with modern huts and a pleasant ambience provide you with the warm setting of a fine dining restaurant to enjoy great food and drinks in.

Urban Angeethi promises an exceptional culinary experience and warm hospitality.

Our menu is skillfully curated by our acclaimed chefs with traditional Indian spices and herbs to delight your palate.

Meet our chef
Paras Singh

Born and raised in the magnificent landscapes of Uttarakhand, India, Chef Paras Singh brings to Urban Angeethi his passion and expertise in cooking North Indian dishes that he grew up learning and admiring from his early childhood. He knew from a young age that this was his calling and the pursuit of his passion inspired him to learn the preparation and presentation of traditional Indian food dishes. After intensive culinary training in Indian cooking and several stints in prime Indian restaurants both in India and the USA, Paras is now excited to live his dream as part-owner and chef of Urban Angeethi.
He takes pride in delivering a memorable meal to his customers and his love for cooking reflects in the dishes he crafts.


There’s nothing quite like the joy of raising a glass and sharing hearty cheers with your friends in Urban Angeethi. The clinking of glasses, the laughter that fills the air, and the warmth of camaraderie create a memorable experience that transcends the mere act of dining out.